Milk Chocolate More useful than the Energy Drinks.

Ads energy drink may have been familiar to most people. Starting from the form of sachets, cans or bottles. But fat-free chocolate milk proved to be more efficacious than the restoring force athletes variety of energy drinks.
Experts agree that the recovery of energy for athletes two hours after exercise or other heavy activity is important. But this is often ignored.
Yet after heavy activity, the recovery period is important for active people. This is to help maximize your stamina and maintain equipment performance excellence in the next activity.
Researchers found that fat-free chocolate milk can keep the body, fill and rebuild the muscles to help the body recover.
Fat-free chocolate milk is more effective than the liquid carbohydrate specifically designed to add energy.
As quoted from the Telegraph, Friday (06/04/2010), these findings has been published by James Madison University at the conference of the American College of Sports Medicine, in Seattle.
Drinking fat-free chocolate milk after exercise or activity that emits a lot of energy, can help prepare your muscles for the game or the next activity.
The combination of carbohydrates and proteins contained in milk chocolate found in the ratio of the most profitable and best suited to restore power.
As quoted from SawfNews, specifically researchers discovered the benefits of milk chocolate, which is to:
1. Build back muscle
Fat-free chocolate milk better able to increase skeletal muscle protein synthesis, which means that is a sign that muscles are better able to repair and rebuild, rather than an addition to carbohydrate energy drinks with the same number of calories.
2. Filling the 'fuel' muscles are depleted
Studies show that chocolate milk has a mix of carbohydrates and protein to help fill the muscles 'fuel' is low, namely glycogen. It is important to restore stamina and muscle. Protein in fat-free chocolate milk also helps build lean muscle.
3. Reduce muscle damage
Athletes at risk of muscle damage after strenuous exercise and perform. Researchers found that fat-free chocolate milk after exercise can help reduce the muscle damage.
4. Replace lost body fluids
Milk chocolate also provide rehydration fluids and electrolytes in the body, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium is lost in sweat. Both fluids are required in order to maintain the condition of the body remains healthy and can replace lost energy after heavy activity. 

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